Symphony of Trees - Henry County, Ohio

Symphony of Trees - Henry County, Ohio

Symphony of Trees
Supporting children in Northwest Ohio:
to you it is a donation; to them it is a lifeline
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Monday, March 2 -

A wonderful time was had by those that attended our western themed murder mystery dinner theatre.  Check out a few pictures from the event!
Wednesday, February 26 -

The two little girls on our 'timeline' area symbolize those children who were lucky to be saved by family and friends, the courts and the agencies who rallied to make sure they were housed, hugged, got legal assistance, and counselled.  That SUPER-girl is going to be just fine.  She will grow up to lead a life that brings her joy, mostly because we were watching and helping her.  We are one of the luckiest counties in Ohio.  We have professionals in our area who realized early that we needed to create agencies to save children and the family unit.  We are lucky that our family courts make decisions for the children and their wellbeing.  We thank the counsellors who walk daily with these children; who listen and nurture them so they may succeed.  Yes, it takes a village.  And our village supports our endeavor to save the children who live right here in our community.  Let's continue together.

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Symphony of Trees, Inc., PO Box 14, Napoleon, Ohio 43545

If the mission of Symphony of Trees speaks to you and you wish to partner with us, please consider a donation and improve the lives of children.
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